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Diana Lee Johnson


2nd Printing 2004


Too Late For Tomorrow

                                                                                                                    Jeremy Hamilton makes Albemarle a showcase of free labor in a hot bed of slavery and rebellion. Driven into a marriage of convenience and confrontations with neighbors, he asserts his belief that slavery should die. 

Gabby Hamilton is obsessed to prove Jeremy is not her half-brother and make him admit his love for her.   Nothing deters her, not his wife, public opinion, deaths of loved ones, or war itself.                         


1st Printing 1999

Wrong Side of Love

With the Civil War drawing to an inevitable close, wounded Matthew Keene falls into the capable hands of Brenna McKeon. Following her father’s example, Brenna cares for him as she has troops from both armies throughout the war. Torrey McKeon battles unknown enemies to hold on to the family land, while he and Brenna share a deep secret.

Brenna holds the Union Army responsible for her father’s untimely demise. All her resolve to become a doctor cannot keep her from falling in love as Matthew heals. He discovers her secret. Though he helps rescue her twin brother, when Brenna discovers Matthew’s hidden agenda, she cannot forgive him.     


Waltz In Time

Getting away from her 1990's life at a Civil War weekend became more than Virginia Berkeley bargained for. Caught up in the romance, costumes, and company, she becomes a willing participant, but an unwilling catalyst. Can she let go of this unlikely love and her heart?

Col. Robert Carter, CSA, escaped his Yankee captors, to fall into the care of a traitorous and deranged female. One moment she's properly attired, the next dressed like a man, but in his arms she is all woman. He must return to his men and the impending battle. Can she help him reclaim his honor?     



Castle of Sorrows

Though she dreamed of castles and princes, Dierdre Bryant kept both feet firmly planted on the ground as she left the family farm in Ohio for college.  She’d earned her success in Washington, DC, so why did her employer “sell” her to a Scottish viscount without her permission? 

Could she take Donald MacBaine’s company out of the dark ages without losing what she’d worked so hard to attain?  Could she resist the pull of castles and tales of ghosts and love or would she be caught in the tug-of-war between twin brothers who are as different as “chalk and cheese”?             



Tomorrow Came Early

The War Between the States changed a young Southern gentleman’s life forever.  He lost his love, he gave up his home, and he changed his name.  Though his family searched for him with little success, the unknown family past of Andrew Hamilton caught up with Hamilton Anderson just when he’d started to live and love again.

Can family secrets rip wounds in the sons as they did in the fathers?  Can a second generation make peace with the twisted sins of the first, or did the sins of the father perpetuate and even escalate in the son?  If the Hamiltons thought it was already Too Late for Tomorrow, what would they do if Tomorrow Came Early?       


Just Deserts

Worlds literally collide on a North Carolina beach. Erik Connelly is inexplicably drawn to the witty charms of chubby Jennifer Thomas after her injury, despite his spoiled sister’s interference. Pain hidden by earthy humor, Jenny succumbs to Erik until reality crashes in.  

Will Erik find her before it’s too late?  Will Jenny earn the money needed to assure her survival? Will Erik’s vindictive sister cause more trouble? What will be Jenny’s “Just Deserts?”              



Hello, I'm Carolyn Nobody

When a widow with a grown daughter decides to further her education, she’s thrown into a world of unexpected possibilities. Pursued by a younger professor, and an egocentric doctor, she is torn by the striking opposites who disrupt her life.

One seems too good to be true; the other is too closed to be understood. It seems easier to forget them both, but it isn’t that simple.




Alison Timberlane’s escape from a string of violent deaths, and an abusive husband led her to a new life in a new place with a new name. The lock on her heart is not easily opened when love tries to penetrate in the person of a young ex-soldier. When her past catches up, his secrets push her over the edge and back into danger.  

Fleeing to what she believes is her only refuge, creates her own prison, and unravels the horrible carnage behind her. She is in no condition to attempt escape. Can her young lover trust her ex-husband enough to enlist his aid? Will they rescue her before she becomes the next murder victim?  



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